Holiday Run Info

Updated:    Nov 15, 2017      10:20 PM

*****  Another holiday event, A Carillon Christmas is planned for the December 2017 season.  Trains will be running starting on Nov 29th and run every night through December (except Christmas Eve and Day) from 6 PM to 9 PM, weather permitting.

 Note:  The official Carillon Tower lighting is scheduled for Nov 29th at 5:30 PM and is FREE to attend.

 Train rides are $1 per person per ride and are separate from Park admission.  Please bring cash as we are not set up for cards yet.  Carillon Park will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.


This info below is intended to provide additional information to CPR&SS members specific to the Holiday Event train running.

TRAIN:  Check the oil level – add 10W30 oil if needed.

10W30 Oil

10W30 Oil

Fill gas tank to 1/2″ of top which should be enough for the night’s run.  After the run make sure the battery charger is plugged in and shows “Charging” light is on.

TRACK:  Switch handles should ALL be set to the YELLOW position.  See pictures below.  We are running the “School Route” for the night runs.

LOADERS:  It is CRITICAL that passengers be positioned in the MIDDLE of the cars to prevent derailing – which has already happened.  Also, cars closest to the locomotive should be loaded before those in back to also prevent derailing of the unloaded front cars.

OPERATIONS:  This is what has worked well:  The station loaders take tickets and seat people on the cars and when done announce “All Aboard” to the Conductor.  The Conductor blows his whistle TWICE – the Engineer then knows he can move the train and blows the horn TWICE to indicate the train is going to be moving forward out of the station.  At the end of the train ride, the Engineer blows the horn ONCE to indicate he has stopped the train.  Loco #615’s BELL was replaced and works well – use it when entering and leaving the station.  All trains carrying passengers MUST have a Conductor at the rear of the train.  There are whistles inside the Bowling Green station – please keep it as your own personal whistle and use it your next times at the track.

During the run, the conductor can stop the train for any reason by blowing the whistle.  Radios should also be carried to call for additional assistance.

YELLOW PAINT was put on all of the switches indicating which direction the switch needs to be positioned for the Holiday Event run.  For SPRING switches (first picture below), move the switch handle TOWARD the yellow mark.  For the SWING switches (2nd picture below), flip the handle so the yellow paint mark is UP.  If the switch does not have yellow paint on it somewhere then it is not on the Holiday Event route.  The route is the same as the School Run’s and is yellow like the school buses.  When riding past the Yoder Engine house, the train MUST be on the CENTER TRACK.


Spring Switch:  Move handle TOWARD yellow mark.


Swing switch: Flip the handle so the yellow mark on it is UP.