Eagles At Carillon

Updated     October 11, 2018     11:45 AM

The same eagle pair is back at Carillon Park and they are building on to the nest they used this past year.  Below is the female eagle sitting in the Great Miami River across from the Carillon Bell Tower.  These pictures were taken with a Nikon CoolPix P900 at full zoom of 2000 mm on October 10, 2018 at 10 AM.  The last 5 pictures are a two second or so sequence of her initially leaving the river.


Pictures from July 05 & 07, 2018:  Below left  is the adult male eagle.  He was recently named “Orv” by the Carillon Park staff.   Note the brown on the tips of his tail feathers which shows he is just turning 5 years old.  The female is over 5 and her tail is completely white.  Below right is the one remaining eaglet named “Flyer” at 70 days old in this July 05, 2018 picture.  It is expected to fly in the next week or two.


Below left is a close-up of Orv’s talons while he was sitting in his favorite tree which is just to the left of the nest.  Below right is Willa sitting on an electrical tower south west of the I-75 and Edwin C. Moses intersection.  It is by the Great Miami river which gives her a good view.  Fish compose 90% of their diet and both adults have been seen carrying fish back to the nest for Flyer.


May 2018 pictures and description:

Below are pictures of the eagles that have made a nest inside Carillon Park and now are raising two baby eagles.  The nest is right above the building housing the 1905 Wright Flyer.  The nest is easily viewed from the main boulevard through the park.  Stop at the little gas station and look up to the south.   The picture below left was taken on May 29, 2018 and shows the mom and one of the two babies that are 33 days old.  The right side picture shows both babies taken May 15th (20 days old).  That’s dad on the left and mom is tearing bits of fish for the babies.

The picture below, taken June 9th, shows the adult male eagle on the left and a baby eagle on the right which is now 44 days old.

Below are both parent eagles and on the right is the female roosting in a tree in the grove area of Carillon Park by the Shaker House.  The female (5 years old) has an all-white head and tail while the male (4 years old) still has some brown on his head and one inch of brown on the tips of his tail feathers.  His will be all white next year.