Tri-State Meet 2016 Apr 30

The pictures below were taken on 2016 April 30 during the Tri-State Meet with CPR&SS, Cinder Sniffers, and the Indiana Live Steamers.  It was a rainy day but there were two coal-fired steam engines brought to the Park.  The 2-6-0 was a 2.5 scale,  7.5 inch gauge and was run for the duration of the meet by Dennis L and several other attendees.  Dennis made this engine himself and it was a very good runner.  The Northern was brought by the Balmer family (Balmer Locomotive Works).  It is 3.5″ gauge, coal-fired, and was run by son Jim Balmer many times around the lower loop in the West portion of the track which can accommodate 3.5 or 4.75 gauge trains.  Click on each picture to view its larger version.

4-8-4 Northern

Chuck Balmer running the 2.5″ scale Mogul

Dennis Larrick running his self-made 2.5″ scale Mogul

Dennis and his Mogul in the steaming bay

Blowdow: Big Mogul = Big Steam

Jim Balmer behind the Northern

Jim running the Northern on the West loop

Ken H running the Mogul

Lunch – Thanks to Ken H and wife for the chili

Left side of the Northern