Dash-9 Info (BNSF 7695)

Updated: Jan 1, 2024 @ 5:43 PM

This page shows information for locomotive Number 7695.  Engineers should review the Locomotive Manual (particularly page 6) before operating it.  Alternatively, contact another engineer already familiar with 7695’s operation.  Click on the Dash-9Manual link below.

Dash-9 Manual

The pictures below show engine details.

Loco with shell off
Alternator and front of engine.  Note the white connector.  It’s for the headlight and must be disconnected to remove the orange shell.
Battery.  This is a garden tractor size battery. Remember to turn the main power key OFF otherwise the battery may not have enough power to run the engine starter and there is no pull cord.
Bell.  The bell stopped working on Day 1 but is now working.  It may take 5 seconds before striking.
Engine label.  Serial # indicates the engine was made in 2019 on Mar 08.
Top left: Parking solenoids. Middle left: Hydraulic pump. Top center: Muffler. Right side: 16 HP engine.
Left: Gas tank. Right: Hydraulic tank.
Center: Gold coasting valve.  This is connected to the red knob at the back of the engine and allows the engine to be rolled around with the engine off.
Center: Air horns.  The air compressor is at the very front of the loco.
Top view of the hydraulic tank on the left and the gas tank on the right.
A connection and LED status panel – not sure of exact function yet.
Relay Panel
Left side of the relay panel.
Right side of relay panel
Parking solenoids – the 2 black cylinders. These shut off hydraulic flow to the hydraulic motors on the axles preventing their movement.
Throttle control.  Round wheel with a cable wrapped around it.  It is driven by a very slow moving motor.  The wheel’s center of rotation is offset and acts like a cam which pulls on the cable.  The cable is connected to the throttle input on the opposite side of the engine on top.