Work Days

Updated:   July 24, 2021    10:15 P  

CPR&SS Members:  The next work day is TUESDAY, JULY 27, starting about 10 AM.   Please come out and help, if you can.   Also see the Work Days page for work progress and pictures.   New pictures are added to the Construction page from time to time.

===> **** NEW:  A large crane and the RR bridge sections are being brought to the Park and will be put in place this coming week.

  Also, five rail sections were moved to the shelter and can be worked on – rail ends need de-burring, new plastic ties need to be put on, and holes need to be drilled in the rail ends.  The grass needs to be cut in many spots and weeds need spraying.   New pictures are added to the Construction page from time to time.

CPR&SS Members: The AUGUST train club meeting is Saturday, AUG 14, 2021 starting promptly at 11 AM at the outdoor shelter at the track.

The pictures below were taken on the July 20, 2021 work day.  Thanks to Ken H, Larry W, Jim H, and John L  for working this day. 

Ken is grinding the end of the rail to remove burrs and weld build-up so the drill guide will fit properly.


Ken is using the angle drill to drill this hole since the rails at the end of the switch are too close to use the regular drill.


Ken is using the cut-off saw to remove the steel cross tie which prevents the drill from being able to reach where the hole needs to be.


The pictures below were taken on the July 13, 2021 work day.  Thanks to Ken H, Larry W, Bob S, Jim H, and John L  for working this day.   Five track sections were moved to  the shelter and can now be worked on there.  They need the rail ends ground to remove burrs from being cut, new ties added, and holes drilled in the ends of the rails for the joiners.

Two track sections needed to be cut out to permit the tree cutters to access the hillside east of the tunnel seen here. Ken is coiling extension cords and Bob is removing the old wooden ties. These sections were labelled as “F1” and “F2” sections.

The backhoe carries the yellow bucket to the wing wall to fill the form one bucket at a time.  There were 3 track sections on the other side of the concrete truck which were later hand carried to the track in the lower right of this picture.  Three flat cars were used to move these 3 sections and the 2 by the tunnel back to the shelter where new plastic ties will be installed.


The pictures below were taken on the June 29, 2021 work day.  Thanks to Ken H, Larry W, Bob S, Jim H, and John L  for working this day.  Ken continued drilling holes in the ends of the rails for the splice bars, Jim and Larry helped, Bob fixed a warped board on the sidewalk crossing and worked on other rail sections, John did a test fit of splice bars on a few rail sections.

Ken on right drilling holes in the rail ends on a switch.  There was limited access so Jim cut parts of the cross ties off.

Ken drilling holes. All of the rail sections by the shelter have had holes drilled in their rail ends.

Joint bars attached. The bars stand a little proud (higher than the rail top surface) and the left one has had some material removed by grinding – note the shiny metal.

Two switches under the boards need their ties replaced.

The picture below were taken on the June 29, 2021 work day.

Ken and Alex moving rail sections.

The picture below was taken on the June 15, 2021 work day.  Thanks – Ken H, Larry W (sitting), Jim H (walking away), and John L. (taking picture) for working this day.

Ken H drilling holes in the end of a rail section preparing it to be connected to another rail with joiners.

The pictures below were taken on June 01, 2021.

There are 2 track sections visible on the left and 3 under the tall grass on the right.  All need ties replaced.

Jim H marking ties.

Larry W attaching new plastic ties.

Ken H drilling holes in the rail ends for attaching rail joiners.

This is the first load of 60 pound rails being delivered to Carillon Park for their new 3 foot gauge RR.  They are coming from Manitoba, Canada.  Rails are 30 feet long so that’s 600 pounds per rail.  9 rails in a bundle for 5400 # per bundle.  Many more to follow also.

This is the first load this day.  A second load was planned to be delivered later.


CPR&SS Members:   Update of work done on May 25:   Workers:  Jim H, Larry W, Blake C, Keith C, Bob S, & John L.  Larry welded a few iron ties that were loose on rail sections by the shelter.  Bob and Jim put new plastic ties on rail sections. Blake and Keith moved logs and sticks using the train.  John L cut grass.  

Keith and Blake moving sticks.

Blake and Keith moving ties to store behind the engine house.

Larry preparing to weld iron ties that have broken welds.

Larry grinding the iron ties and their welds beads so the new weld material will flow properly.


CPR&SS Members:   Update of work done on May 22:   Workers:  Jim H, Larry W, Blake C, Keith C, & John L.  Six track sections were retrieved and moved to the shelter.  The old ties were removed and the rail ends de-burred.  They are ready to  have new ties put on.  John L. cut grass in areas around the switch tower.  New pictures below are from the May 22 work day. Click to enlarge.

Escape Route Switch – still in one long piece. Probably best to replace its ties without moving it back to the shelter.

Track sections west of the tunnel. One is 23 feet long. Another 18 feet. The switch and other sections here have composite or plastic ties already.

Retrieving a track section close to the end of our track.


Putting the equipment and cars away. Blake C is driving while brother Keith is helping. The white car is one of the next set of five passengers cars being built by club members. It’s ready for final paint.


CPR&SS Members:   Update of work done on May 18:   Workers:  Jim H, Larry W, Bob S, John L.   Two track sections and a switch were retrieved and taken to the shelter on flat cars.  The group replaced all of the ties on these three pieces of track.  There are 19 track sections and one switch by the shelter that have had their ties replaced with new plastic ones.  There are no more track sections by the shelter that need tie replacement.  More track sections will need to be brought to the shelter or the track sections could be worked on where they sit now, if accessible.  

Moving two track sections and a switch to the shelter so the wooden ties can be replaced. Switches are very heavy and need more than two people to move by hand.

Jim and Larry are replacing ties and Bob is removing the old wooden ties. Some of the steel cross ties need to have their screw holes enlarged to 1/4″ which is what the new screws require.

Replacing the ties on the switch. Several different lengths of ties are needed. The ties are all gauged using the straight rail side of the switch as the guide. Various length ties are stored in the switch tower’s lower level.


CPR&SS Members:   Update work done on May 11:   Thanks to Bob S for this description –  Work done includes:  Rebuilt stairs by the switch tower, moved the large track switch there from the grass and picked up all wooden ties from the switch, did mowing, and reinforced saw horses.  


CPR&SS Members:   Update work done on May 11:   Thanks to Jim H, Larry W, Bob S, and John L for working this day.  Jim, Larry, and Bob replaced ties  on ALL track sections that had previously been moved to the shelter.  John L removed burrs from the ends of all of the rail sections by the shelter in preparation for hole drilling for the rail joiners between sections.  

Jim (L) and Bob (R) are using gauges to center the ties under the rails while Larry is securing the tie to the steel cross tie with a screw.

Bob (yellow drill) is drilling a pilot hole while Larry (R) is driving a screw in.  This is one of the 3-gauge track sections which are much heavier and more difficult to move around.


CPR&SS Members:   Update work done on May 08:   Ken H used the drill guide he built to drill holes in the ends of the rail sections by the shelter.  The holes are for rail joiners to bolt the sections back together after construction is complete.  Jim H and Scott L worked on replacing ties on rail sections, John L did a trial fit of a pair of rail joiners he made, Bob S cut grass, Norm G brought the speeder he built and ran it over the track as a test.   


Update from the May 01 work day:  Thanks to the following members for working:  Mark F, Scott L, Blake C, Jim H, Ken H, Bob S, Larry W, Jim E, & John L.  Five track sections of track had their old ties removed and were replaced with new plastic ties.  There are 5 more track sections by the shelter also ready to be worked on.  Bob S and Blake C painted one of the new passenger cars that was brought to the park.  

Also, thanks to Don B, Lois B, and Larry W for spraying weed pre-emergent on Friday, April 30.  

The pictures below are from the Work Day on May 01.  Click to enlarge.

Installing new ties. (L-R) Jim E, Scott L, Mark F, Blake C (Using alignment gauge to center the new tie properly.)

Saturday’s progress is five new track sections stacked here on top of previous completed sections.

Blake C (red shirt) and Bob S (green hat) are painting one of the five new passenger cars. Bob cut and provided five car kits to a few members to assemble – this one from John L.  Jim E and Larry W are looking on.

Five more track sections ready for further work. The old ties have been removed. 1/4″ holes in the steel cross ties may need to be drilled then new plastic ties can be attached.  Looking closely at the near end, you can see nylon cable ties used to attach an aluminum tag identifying the track section’s position around the track so it can be returned to where it came from.


The pictures below are from the Work Day on April 27.  Click to enlarge.

Bob is moving track sections from Area D (west of the earthen tunnel) to the shelter where old ties are knocked off and new plastic ones put on.

Jim H is scribing and chalking each tie’s center web location so the pilot hole, which must hit the web, can be accurately placed.

A few steel cross ties have broken welds so Larry is re-welding them prior to putting new plastic ties on.

Eleven buckets of old, rotted ties from one day’s work.  They go into the dumpster at the back of the Carillon Brewery.


Update from the Saturday, Apr 24 work day:  Four track sections from Area C  were transported via the 3 flat cars to the shelter where new plastic ties were installed.   See pictures below.

Some new pictures from April 24 were also added to the new Construction page on this website. 

The pictures below were taken on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Larry W and Jim H are removing the old wooden ties from one of the Area C track sections.  Several old wooden ties are so rotten that they just fall off.  There are still steel cross ties holding the rails together but even a few of these have welds that are broken and will need to be rewelded before plastic ties are installed.

Ties have just been replaced on this section by (L-R) Jim H, Bob S, and Larry W.  Photo by John L. who also worked this day.  We used one drill to drill pilot holes in the ties then another to drive the screws in.  A driller guy and a driver guy on each side works well.

Behind the brush are two aluminum gauges used to position the plastic ties in the proper position (side to side).  Use it on one side, drill the pilot hole, then drive the first screw in.  Center the tie under the steel cross tie hole on the other side, drill pilot hole, and drive second screw in.  Hang gauges back up when done.


The pictures below were taken on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

This is the first track section moved to the shelter from Area A.  It fit nicely on 3 flat cars and could be moved easily by hand.  Notice that there are numerous wooden ties already missing – they were so rotted that they just fell off !

This is the first track section that has had the new plastic ties attached.


Above: Jim H (L) and Larry W (R) are posing for this photo with the completed 2nd track section.  The process is to knock off the old ties, drill 1/4″ holes in the steel cross ties, then move the track to the tables, center and align the new ties with the alignment guide, drill a 5/32″ pilot hole in the plastic tie on one side only, then drive one of the black screws through the 1/4″ hole to draw the tie up against the steel cross tie.  To put the other screw in, center the tie, drill a 5/32″ pilot hole, and drive the second black screw in.  If the cross ties are not drilled out to 1/4″ diameter, the black screws can still be driven in with some difficulty but the plastic ties are not always drawn up properly against the steel cross tie or the screw strips out the plastic.  It’s best to drill out the steel cross ties to 1/4″.



Update of work done on Tuesday, July 21, 2020:  Three additional new tarps were put in place over the tarp tunnel and secured.  These are heavier duty ones being 15 mils thick.  Thanks to Ken H, Jim H, Larry W, and John L.   Jim H replaced the switch throw handle on one of the switches by the shelter with a low profile version.

15 mil tarps added

Low Profile switch handle


Come help if you can.  Watch for the eagles – mom, dad, and 2 fledglings can be seen flying about.  Don’t run over the distracted eagle-watchers! 

CPR&SS Members:  For those members who cannot work on Tuesdays, they are welcome to work Saturday (or another day) however you should contact other members to coordinate your work times and ensure that at least one of you has a set of keys.  It is best to have at least 2 members present when working for safety reasons.  Drink plenty of water – it’s free, in the refrigerator.

Work update:  Below is the torn tarp in the background – this was fixed last Tuesday (July 14th).  There was a lot of ballast spread, weeds sprayed, and track leveling also done.   There was no grass cutting done as members worked on other jobs.

Torn Tarp

*****  Ken H has been successful in getting a portapotty delivered to the track area for train club workers.  It has already been delivered and set up.   Ken has also built and stocked a wash stand near the portapotty. 


Weeds, junk, and possible storage area?

Tall grass before cutting earlier this Spring.

New red tool chest – Thanks – Jim H.


   Thanks to Ken and Larry for repairing the tarp tunnel on  Tuesday, March 03, 2020.  Below is the “Before” picture, of course.  

Tarp Tunnel on Saturday, Feb 29, 2020


Below: Pictures from the Oct 02, 2019 Workday.  Bob W and Jim H replacing ties by the clock tower.  They are focusing their tie replacement efforts on the holiday train run route.

(L-R)  Bob W  and Jim H

95 F  degrees on the Oct 02, 2019 workday !!


Picture below from Sep 04 Work Day.  Thanks to Jim H and Bob W pictured below replacing ties and also Ken H and John L for cutting the grass – it’s ready for Saturday’s train run.

Jim H and Bob W replacing ties on the Sep 04 work day.


  Note:  ALL storage tracks inside and outside of the tarp storage tunnel were  completed on the Aug 28 work day!  Thanks to all workers who helped on this big project.   

Below:  Pictures are from the Aug 28, 2019 work day.  Click to enlarge.  All photos by John L. 

Near to Far:  Will G and Bob W attaching ties; Jim H and Bob S preparing the track bed for the next track section.

Bob S cutting grass

Bob W trimming  – Larry W cutting grass


Below are Jim H and Howard W assembling a track section during the Aug 14th work day.  The new, just purchased, switch was installed this day and then the entire fourth track was laid inside the tarp tunnel.  Thanks to Jim and Howard and additional workers Ken H, Larry W, Bob W, and John L.  Other work items included painting the shelter (Ken) and grass cutting (Howard).

Jim H and Howard W assembling a track section

Fourth tunnel track (far right) completed and already loaded with cars



Pictures below are from the Work Day on June 05, 2019

Bob S by reworked crossover bridges

Bob W and Jim H tracing the Number 7 switch

Jim H and Bob W attaching final tie on the first switch

Connection to the switch’s Aluminum T-rail

Bob W and John L by completed switch

On the June 05 work day there were 5 jobs completed:  1) Rework the bridges and roadway, 2) Installed the first switch, 3) Howard W cut grass, 4) Larry W sprayed weed killer, 5) Bob W and others shoveled ballast to level and fill in areas by the switches.  It was a busy day but a lot got accomplished.  Thanks to all who worked.

The picture below is from Monday, June 03 and shows Larry W and Bob S assembling one of the 6 bridge units for the temporary crossover needed for the high lift vehicle to pass over our tracks to work on the clock tower.

Larry W and Bob S building bridge units


   Saturday is another day available for work if you want.  We recommend that you have a second person with you to act as your safety backup.  

***  Members: The JULY  CPR&SS club meeting is ==> CANCELLED <== since it would fall on July 4th.  ***


   We completed the crossings over our tracks and the new sidewalk has been poured.  Thanks to Bob S, Will G, Howard W, Norm G, and John L on Oct 6th.  Below Norm and Howard are hanging lights for the Holiday train runs.   They actually worked long and hard this day and finished hanging the strands around the Transportation Building.  Photographer John L  just happened to capture them resting between work sessions – twice!  

The pictures below are from Thursday, Oct 04, 2018.

We understand that the construction workers are going to dig out the entire way to the tower on Wednesday and Thursday and another company will then pour the concrete for the sidewalk sometime later.  


Below are pictures from the Sept 25, 2018 work day.  The rail section over the Scheu fly bridge was removed so the Park can install culverts in place of the bridge.  This is part of the clock tower upgrade which is seen in the background.  A sidewalk will also be installed for pedestrians to walk back to the tower.  Below left are (L – R) Jim H, Howard W, Larry W, and his granddaughter.  Below right is Larry grinding through the welds to release the rails from the steel tie plates.  


Below left shows the rails after separation.  The four rails are for 7.5, 4.5, and 3.75 inch gauge trains.  Below right is a possible location for train storage which would free up the tracks beside the Yoder Engine House. 



Below are pictures from work day on Sept 11, 2018.  Part of a larger Honeysuckle fell on the track by the new tower.  John L and Howard W cut it up and moved it so the track is ready for running.  Bob S and Larry W are checking the blue cars for wear with Norm G in the background.  Below right is Jim H working on the drainage ditch on the West end of the tunnel.  Sand, gravel, and rocks have been washed down and need to be removed.



Work Day Tuesday, Aug 07, 2018.  Below are (L to R): Will G, Howard W, Bob S, and Larry W and granddaughter.  Not shown are Jim H and John L.  The picture shows the area where the culvert pipes will be placed for the track extension.  Measurements showed that four 18 inch diameter plastic culvert pipes would work best.


June 19 Work Day update:  There are 5 new blue cars ready to run – thanks to Bob, Norm, John, Don H, and Jim H (he drove to Tom Bee’s to get new trucks).  Larry changed the oil in 1932 and he and Lataya also worked on it’s horn that had been not operating right.  All of the grass has been cut – thanks to Howard and John L.  Thanks to Eric and his grandson for a lot of track work.  Bob did track leveling also.  Thanks to any others that may not be mentioned – it takes a lot to run a RR.  


******  Also, the special run occurred Sunday and the Rail Festival route was run with no problems.  This is the orange marked route.  John L brought one new blue car to the track and Bob and Norm are bringing the other 4 new blue cars to the track today (Monday).  They are finishing the new cars by adding brake lines and new trucks which Jim H drove up to Michigan and got them a couple of days ago.  We will have 5 new blue cars available for Rail Festival.  *****

From Work Day 2018 June 12:  Recent heavy rains washed a lot of debris down the hill.  Logs and boulders completely blocked the passage way under the bridge and diverted the water toward the tunnel’s entrance.  Mud, sand, & gravel covered the tracks about 6 inches deep in front of the gate.  It was raining so everyone got drenched during the couple hours it took to clear the tracks and dig out the passage way.  Thanks to Eric S, Howard W, Jim H, John L, and Larry W for clearing the tracks and working on other tasks. 


Above left is before.                                              Above right is after.

It is still a little dirty and needs additional clearing of the debris.  


Thanks to all who showed up on Saturday, June 9 for checking equipment, replacing the one engineer’s seat, and other work performed during the day.  


The switch below left was damaged by a derail during the Heritage Day run but was fixed on the May 29 work day.  Thanks to Howard, Bob, Larry, and John for their efforts on Tuesday.   



Thanks to Bob, Larry, and John L for working Saturday, May 26th.  Thanks to Don and Lois for bringing bottled water.

On the Saturday, May 26th workday, Bob noticed that the track had been damaged by the construction equipment.  Note the big dip just this side of the bridge. 

 Bob used the rail straightener on each rail to remove the dip.


 Thanks to all of the members that worked on MAY 08 and 15, 2018.  

AugerFromHill_20180508_111239 JimGrinding_20180508_103804 WillChainSawing_20180508_121011



Thanks to Eric S, Bob S, and John L for working a long day on Tuesday, Apr 9th.  They checked out both lawn mowers and both work fine.  Eric mowed around all of the track while Bob used the leaf blower to clear out leaves from the switch boxes and off of the track.  John L cut back a lot of the honeysuckle around the West part of the track.  


Larry_1932_20180402_151627_Comp Larry with Loco 1932.


Update: The pictures below were taken on March 03, 2018 but nothing has changed since then til now.  They show steel plates over all three tracks for heavy equipment to access the inner loop area for the new tower construction.

PlatesOverTracks_20180303_145853_Crop WestGate_20180303_145930


Pictures from Work Day on Feb 27, 2018:  Also working this day, but not pictured,  were: Ken H, Larry W, and John L.    Below left is Brad in front with Norm and Howard to the left in back.  They are carrying the last load of holiday decorations away for storage.  The group in the upper right of this picture is Brady and 2 others.  The picture below to the right is Howard and Don H removing decorations at the loading station.

BradNormHoward_Finished_20180227_121849 HowardAndDonH_20180227_100745

Below left are Norm and Brad taking decorations down at the far west end.  Below right are the steps by the switch tower – they need some straightening.

NormAndBrad_20180227_103802 StepsBySwitchTower_20180227_122755


CPR&SS Members:  The pictures immediately below were taken on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 as preparations continued for the Carillon Christmas which ran from Nov 29th  through Dec 30th.   The next train run is April 07, 2018.


Below is Howard W. by the little tower, Bob S re-leveling the stub switch, Jim H.  and Howard putting the final touches on the tunnel, and Norm G. hanging the power for a display to be put up.  Not shown are Don H. and Larry W. who also helped and had their own projects.

20171121_123948 20171121_124520 20171121_133852 20171121_134457


The next three pictures were taken on the work day on Tuesday, Oct 10.  Right below is Jim H  with a possible approach to a train tunnel for the holiday train storage.  It covers two tracks this year.  Tarps will be supported by the PVC pipes and fittings.  Other approaches are still being considered.  Other workers present this day were Bob S, Howard W, and Jim E who worked on the new track extension and John L  who installed the switch light shown below.


Below is Larry W  replacing the dirt and gravel over the conduit supplying power to the switch signal lights that are being installed.


Larry moving dirt.


Above is the first switch light being tested on power from the Yoder Engine House.


The pictures below were taken at the Work Day on Sept 26, 2017.  Larry W.  and John L.  were workers also this day.



Jim H.   removing loose screws


Howard W.     after cutting the grass



At the March 02, 2017 club meeting, it was decided to have work days on Tuesdays and non-run Saturdays (if the weather permits).   Most workers show up between 9 and 10 AM.  If you come, we will put you to work on the track, grounds, equipment, etc – what ever needs attention.  Thanks, in advance, for your support!