Work Days

Updated: May 14, 2024 @ 8:56 PM

Workdays are normally every Tuesday and Saturday but members will be notified by e-mail if this is adjusted due to expected adverse weather or other factors. Please join us as there is plenty to do!

Above are Jim H and Bob H by the track panel they have just completed. There is a new 10 foot table that makes the assembly go faster with less back pain.
Above is the electric work train inside the west end of the tube tunnel on the Oct 17 work day. The outermost track on the east side of the big arch tunnel was fully connected today which allows a train to go from the engine house all the way up to the tube tunnel. That’s Ken H on the loco and Bob H standing.
Above are Bob H (sawing) and Jim H, cutting 16 inch ties from the new material just delivered this morning. The pile is behind them. They are 1.5 by 1.5 inches, 118 inches long made of recycled plastic.
Above is Bob H connecting the joints at the switch while Thom P and Larry W look on. Two switches and two track sections were installed this work day. The outer and next inner tracks are now connected.

Above is the wall under the third arch where Bob S has extended the block wall, backfilled it, and graded the trackway under the arch. It is ready for track to be laid here.

Also see the September Newsletter that is posted on the Home page – it contains a lot of information regarding the track progress made recently and what work we have planned. 

Below are some of the workers on the Aug 29 work day. Several members worked on connecting Track #2 on the east side of the big tunnel to the track #2 section on the west side of the big tunnel. A switch on this track also had to have its actuator mechanism replace. Both work items were accomplished on this Saturday work day.

The middle track (Track #2) has been completed back to the west gate on Aug 29, 2023. Track workers are (L-R) Ken H, Bob H, Bob S, Thom P, John L, Jim H. Other workers not shown include Larry W, Howard W, and new member Rick.
Progress as of Aug 22, 2023.  Larry W and Bob H in front of the east entrance of the big tunnel. The track between them has just been completed and connected to the original track on the west end of this tunnel.  The switch in the foreground just needs the short section of track to be trimmed and connected to fully complete this track back to the far west end of the Park.

Other work accomplished this Aug 22 work day included:  Howard W cut a lot of grass,  Jim H replaced a lot of ties with new ones, Bob S pressure washed the bridge by the loading area, John L worked with Larry and Bob H, Ken also worked as well as new member Rich.  We are making a lot of progress restoring the track and keeping everything else maintained.  Thanks to all who helped this day and all the others. 

Above is Ken H drilling holes in the rail to connect the switch on the Tuesday, Aug 15 work day.

The switch in the picture was connected as well as a short straight section and then another switch after that.  The work went a little slow because the tracks had to be cut to length and then holes drilled then joint bars bolted on.  On the next work day we plan to start connecting rails at the far end of this track run and build the track back towards this location above.  The far end tracks were removed from this area in sequence and marked and already have holes drilled.  They should be reconnected back in the same sequential order quickly.  A piece in the middle will need to be custom fitted to complete this track 2 run. We are making a lot of progress restoring the track.  Come out and help when you can. 

Bob placing the last stone block – July 29, 2023.
Bob bending steel rails on July 29, 2023. As a first test of the new rail bender, four straight steel rails were bent to a 50 foot radius and four other steel rails that had been bent to a 70 foot radius at Mill Creek were also re-bent to a 50 foot radius.  The plan is to use the steel “T” rail for the loop up the hill east of the tube tunnel.

There was a lot of grading done in the big tunnel area and by the southern arch.  Also, some surveying and possible route markings were done up by the fiberglass tunnel – check them out also – this will be discussed at the April 8 meeting.   There could be some ties replaced on the track.  Come out and help if you can.  

Dumping gravel on the east side of the big tunnel.

Note:  On non-official work days, you can still come and work at the track if you want but we strongly suggest that you have a second person with you or present at the track as your safety backup.   Be safe !   Thanks.

Work Update:  Below are two pictures from the March 21, 2023 work day.  Three track sections have been temporarily laid in the pathway dug out and leveled by the workers this day.  The lower picture shows the workers and the last section of the timber wall before it was also removed.  Larry W also checked out 7695 and the passenger cars planned to be used with the Boy Scouts.

Three track sections temporarily laid in place.
Tunnel workers – L-R: Bob S, Jim H, Mark F. Not shown but also worked in the tunnel were  Dan C and John L.
Gary and Jim H checking the newly installed track section.
One of the rail joints on the short track section showing the cap head bolts.
Low angle view along the track.
7695 with 5 blue cars and the conductor’s car.
Wheel climb at the far west end of the track.  The trucks on all of the cars need to be lubricated so they swivel freely.
Gary S looking down the track.  The short piece of track is being reworked and will be installed soon.
Mark F is cutting the new track section.
Mark F is drilling holes for the joint bars.
Jim H is drilling holes to attach the plastic tie to the steel cross tie while Craig B is holding it in place.
Mark F cutting the escape switch by the clock tower.  Another escape track will be located farther east where the ground is safer.
Here’s the new track section being moved into position.  Length and curvature is good.  Needs a little more grading and joint bars.
Don H preparing the lift’s control box for paint.  Photo provided by Ken H.