Work Days

Updated:       Nov 19, 2017    6:55 PM

*****   CPR&SS Members:  Work day on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017.  Preparations for the public train run on Saturday, Nov 25 and also for the Carillon Christmas which begins Nov 29th.   The track hasn’t been used in a while so there are probably leaves and sticks that need to be removed – bring a leaf blower if you can.


The next three pictures were taken on the work day on Tuesday, Oct 10.  Right below is Jim H  with a possible approach to a train tunnel for the holiday train storage.  It covers two tracks this year.  Tarps will be supported by the PVC pipes and fittings.  Other approaches are still being considered.  Other workers present this day were Bob S, Howard W, and Jim E who worked on the new track extension and John L  who installed the switch light shown below.


Below is Larry W  replacing the dirt and gravel over the conduit supplying power to the switch signal lights that are being installed.


Larry moving dirt.


Above is the first switch light being tested on power from the Yoder Engine House.


The three pictures below were taken at the Work Day on Sept 26, 2017.  Larry W.  and John L.  were workers also this day.



Jim H.   removing loose screws


Howard W.     after cutting the grass



At the March 02 club meeting, it was decided to have work days on Tuesdays and non-run Saturdays (if the weather permits).   Most workers show up between 9 and 10 AM.  If you come, we will put you to work on the track, grounds, equipment, etc – what ever needs attention.  Thanks, in advance, for your support!