Heritage Day 2018 May 27

The pictures below were taken on Heritage Day 2018 May 27.  Click on each to enlarge.  Left below is Dennis G running his live steam miniature tractor on Carillon Blvd.  Right side is Jim M talking to the Barnhardts who brought one of the organs.

Below left is Larry driving 615 past the loading station.  Right side is Lataya as engineer and Scott as the conductor.  The day was started using locomotive 1932 but a derailment caused it to be removed from service.

Below left is Norm with his pipe organ that he made.  Below right is Norm on 615 with Scott as conductor.

Below left is the station crew including (L to R) Lataya, Doris, Ken T, and Ken H.  Below right are Jim H, Bob S, and Larry fixing locomotive 1932.  The truck king pin simply lost its nut which was an easy repair (once you get access and find the right sized lock nut).

Another picture of 1932 being worked on showing Scott, Bob, and Will G with Lataya passing in the background on loco 615.