Work Day 2016 Jun 18

The pictures below were taken during the work day on June 18, 2016.

Not able to be photographed were Brad H who was cutting grass; Don B who was painting the bridges and stenciling numbers on the steaming bays; and John L who helped place ballast and also hand-sprayed weed killer all around the track where the railcar-sprayer could not reach.

****  Thanks to all who worked this day and on past work days getting the grounds and equipment ready for Rail Festival.  *****



Ken H   clipping weeds along the wall beside the Yoder Engine House.

Jim H  and Burton M   ready for work.


Burton using his new electric weed eater on the west loop where the weeds always grow over the track.


Burton reaching for the high stuff that eventually grows down and close to the track.


Jim  caught resting.  Jim had moved a lot of ballast already and it was a hot day.

Bob S   and Jim   spreading ballast on the west loop.