School Specials

School Bell Specials

Updated:     NOV 09, 2017   7:30 PM

***  School runs for 2017 are over.  See info below for next year’s planning:

The Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society (CPR&SS) provides train rides to school classes visiting the Park on  Friday’s  starting in late April and running through the first week of June.  Train runs are contingent on the WEATHER, operating equipment, and if adequate train support personnel are available (we are all volunteers).

Below are the dates for School Run Days for 2017

Friday    April 21 – Done:    There were 207 riders

Extra Train Run:   April 26th – Done:  There were 277 riders

Friday   April  28 – Done:  231 riders

Friday   May 5       Cancelled due to rain.

Tuesday   May 9      Cancelled due to rain

Friday   May  12 –  Done:  ~ 270 riders

Extra Train Run:    Monday   May 15 – Done:  ~ 507 riders

Friday   May 19 – Done

Friday   May 26 – Done:   195 riders

June 2   Cancelled due to low ridership – most schools are out by this time.

Contact Larry Wassell for additional info at (937) 293-3615, or email at